We are proud to offer digital xrays on-site. This allows for instantaneous views of your pet’s xrays with the ability to enlarge, rotate and zoom in on problems we detect. It also gives us the ability to e-mail digital xrays to offer facilities such as emergency centers, research facility, specialty hospitals and board certified radiology consultants. Ultrasound We have on site an ultrasound machine which assists us in doing guided cystocentesis (removing sterile urine from the bladder through a needle) and pregnancy testing. We have a board-certified ultrasonographer who comes to Cheshire Animal Hospital on a regular schedule to perform ultrasonography, endoscopy and echocardiology if your pet requires these services. Allergy testing We will take a complete history of your pet’s environment, diet and previous treatment modality and medications to determine if the symptoms being seen are due to any of these factors. We can then submit blood samples to an outside lab that specializes in the detection and treatment of allergens.